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Yoga classes in Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Why Exercise with us?

Sharing vulnerabilities as a yoga instructor can really deepen the student connection during a class too, and that's a special thing.

My childhood and teenage years were dedicated to training as a classical dancer, and I went on to pursue a similarly physical path in fitness instructing. So much focus on body image felt unhealthy and in a bid to quieten my own critical voice, I moved away from
... the fitness industry to do something different.

I was about nine when my Gran took me to my first yoga class, but dancing and training always took priority over anything. It was only when I stopped dancing, that I began to practice yoga more consistently. Feeling so nurtured and peaceful after each class, I wanted to make yoga a bigger part of my life. After I had my little boy, I decided to take the plunge and completed my 500 hour yoga teacher training course.